And the Best Resistance Bands are…

I can’t unequivocally state that Bodylastics is the best resistance bands out there.  That would be a ridiculous statement at best and disingenuous at worst (lying would the worst, actually –  I suppose). That said, I think Bodylastics resistance bands are a great product.

Still, I can’t say that Bodylastics is the best cuz I’ve only used a few.  But  having used it now for well over a year, I think it’s great.  More important, I wouldn’t use anything else, given the situation I am in.

My situation is this:

  • No time, money, nor inclination to join a gym.
  • No time, money, nor space to buy and put a bench, power rack, overhead pulley, several hundred lbs of weight and dumbbells.

So time, money and space are the limiting factors for me.

Bodylastics generally cost between 40 bucks (88lbs. tension) up to their deluxe, everything set for 140 bucks (388lbs. tension)  By the way, I have their $54.95 set (134lbs. of tension) and that’s plenty for me.  And their current Black Friday pricing (starting early) drops it even more.

So I spent a little over 60 bucks and have used it over nearly 18 months with many more months to come.

It came with 5 bands, 2 grip handles, 2 ankle/strap adjustable handles, and 1 door anchor all fit in a carry bag that’s about 1 foot by 1 foot.

So, a system like Bodylastics takes away the money and space factor as far as I’m concerned – or at least, it did away with mine.

As for time – well, that’s just up to you.  Either you make the time or you don’t.  But if your complete gym is sitting in a little bag in your closet versus a 10 mile drive; then maybe, you can find the time.

I wrote about all this and a little more in this article, which you can access by clicking here.

But having used it for some time now, here’s what I really like about resistance bands:


That’s right – versatility.

There really isn’t any exercise I can’t replicate at home or at the local park.  Case in point – Vince Gironda’s 45 angle pull.

What would it take to do this great exercise at home?  It combines the stretch and pull of a lat pulldown with the squeeze and contraction of a seated row.

It isolates your lats while also activating all those support muscles in the lower back, hips, glutes, and upper thighs.  Look at my videos and check out the tension in my scrawny, chicken thighs.

This first video shows this exercise being done in more traditional setting.

It is done slow and deliberate.  It’s rhythmic but controlled.

This home video shows me doing the same movement with Bodylastics.  I’ve got the bands anchored at the top of my door.  Could you this with the standard home gym setup?

This second video shows a different variation.  Notice where my hands end up.  The contraction is in the middle to upper lats.  Not only those Bodylastics give you capability to do these kinds of exercises; you also have the flexibility to move your hands around and get a totally different feel.

And there are literally dozens and dozens of exercises that you can tweak and improvise as you go to make a given exercise right for you.  I like that.  I like the versatility of this system.

You can visit them by following this link to Bodylastics or by googling or binging them.

Either way, you will not be disappointed.


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