Health And Fitness Is Not A 12-Week Program

This is an outstanding article from Tom Venuto.  He speaks here to what is nearly a universal truth.  Short-term motivational can only lead to short-term gains.  And short-term gains are no gains, because those will always and invariably go away.  And as it goes always – the replacements are disappointment, sense of failure, and lack […]

Intention: The Powerful Tool for Massively Deepening Your Motivation So You Get Big Results

By Scout Wilkins   Do you want to massively deepen your motivation, so you magnify your results in any class you take, any project you take on, any conversation you engage in? Get crystal clear about your intention for doing whatever it is you do. Your big WHY. Setting an intention is the most powerful […]

How To Increase Your Performance by 1000 Percent By Adapting 7 Small Tasks To Your Daily Routine

By Keith Aul   As my journey of self discovery began many years ago I wanted to figure out how I could increase my performance indefinitely in every area of my life. So I began studying the habits of successful people by reading autobiographies, success journals and books and networking and associating with other successful […]

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, Set S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals

by Tom Venuto, Why do new year’s resolutions usually fail? Why do you start with guns blazing on January 1st, but by February, you’re losing motivation, cheating on your diet, skipping workouts, and slipping back into old patterns? John LaValle, a master trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) suggests that we should take a closer […]

Your Fitness Future Foretold: 20 Predictions for the New Year


by Tom Venuto, Happy New Year! In this article, I’m going to predict your future and forecast exactly what kind of results you’re going to get in the next 12 months. Sylvia Browne, step aside… I’m pretty good at this. Several years ago, a public relations firm in New York City asked me to write […]

Goal Setting For The New Decade: Beyond The New Year’s Resolution


When you pause and reflect on the past decade as you look ahead to a new one, it makes you appreciate how short life is, how valuable time is and how quickly the time can pass you by – with nothing to show for it, if you don’t plan otherwise. by Tom Venuto, That’s why […]

5 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Plan

Minimize distractions and stay motivated with these smart tips Sticking to Your At-Home Routine   By Chris Freytag A few months ago, I wrote a blog about creating your own home gym.  Working out at home is a fantastic option for anyone strapped for time and/or money.  You can save yourself the trip to the […]