V-Shaped Body


Want A Perfect V-Shaped Body? Change This Now…

By Jeff Anderson

The “perfect body” is one that starts out wide at the top with broad, muscular shoulders and a back the size of a barn door, all leading down to a small waist.

The “easiest” way to achieve this awesome “V-shape” upper body is to build more muscle mass on your lat muscles so you get those “wings” you’re looking for.

Traditional training dictates that the best back exercises then are ones like Lat Pulldowns and that you need to “go wide to get wide”.  In other words, the wider your grip on the pulldown bar, the more you work your outer lats, resulting in a wider upper back.

But were the “guru’s” right?

In actuality, a wide grip on the pullup or pulldown shifts much of the focus to your traps, rhomboids, and the muscles around your scapula rather than your lats.  Since these are smaller muscles than your lats, they tend to exhaust sooner, leaving your wide back muscles under targeted.

In addition, because of the width and position of your arms when the lat bar is extended above you (in pulldowns) or your body is hanging down (in pullups), you don’t get an optimal stretch in your lats that can be a powerful muscle fiber activator for growth.

So what’s the solution?
Switch to using a NARROW GRIP with the “V-Bar” attachment!

This will help you feel a much better stretch at the end of your range of motion to better “damage” your muscle fibers.

Plus, the peak contraction point (when you’ve pulled the bar down or your body up) will target a much larger range of fibers resulting in more overall muscle activation in your entire lats rather than shifting the focus to your smaller supporting muscles.

I especially recommend this back exercise switch for hardgainers using my “Hardgainer Project X” weight gain program (www.HardgainerProjectX.com).  Hardgainers tend to have thinner lat muscles in their back and smaller supporting muscles so this back training trick helps them pull more weight AND target more muscle fibers to gain more mass.

Give this technique a try and gauge your success by how you feel 24 hours after your back workout.  If you’re feeling that “burn” in your lats where you haven’t before, then you’ve just uncovered the hidden secret you needed to know how to build a wider back!

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