Guest Post: Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather


Living in Hawaii, I’ve sort of forgotten what Winter is all about.  With the temperature and humidity pretty constant year-round; Winter training is pretty much a non-issue.  But I grew up and spent many years in the Northeast where Winter training is an issue. And the cold weather will soon be upon – you – […]

Fun, Fast and Easy Abs in Only 3 Minutes And Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets?

Glide baby Glide - All You Need...Not

Okay, so… What the heck does “fun, fast and easy abs in only 3 minutes” have to do with Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets Training Program? I’ll get to that, but first… What the heck? Fun… Fast… Easy… Abs… In only 3 minutes… In what alternate reality is that possible?   Where I work as […]

Hiking Diamond Head and How to Get Rid of Thunder Thighs

Isabelle and Sophia almost at the top of Diamond Head

Seems like the only time I ever blog nowadays is when my girls and I go somewhere for a daughter/dad day here in Oahu.  Since I’m writing – and you’re reading (all two of you) – it means me and girls when somewhere again. One of great pluses of living in Oahu is that everything […]

Random Thoughts – 50 Is The New 30 Plus What Bodylastics Suck For and a Kick Ass Tuna Salad


50 is the New 30 So Tom Venuto thinks that “50 is the New 30.”  No that is not deluding yourself into thinking at a 50 inch waistline is actually 30 inches. Just to digress for a moment, have you seen that absurd TV infomercial where that get these gals with 50 or 60 inch […]

Pumping Iron Builds Too Muscle for Women, Plus Forced Chin-ups To Torture Your Back

Woman Doing Snatch Press

Strength training and muscle-building is always an interesting topic, but never more so than as it relates to woman building muscle – or rather, building too much muscle.  Does pumping iron build too much muscle with respect to women?  How many times have you heard a woman say, to the effect, ” I don’t really want […]

How to Get Bigger Arms


With beaches and shorts right around the corner – OR in our faces here in Hawaii – the the 2 questions I get, or hear, are “how do I get bigger arms,” and “how do I get a six pack?”  And no – you cannot get one at the local 7-11. So, let’s talk about the […]

Revealing The Secrets To Getting Big Like a Bull


The secret sauce.  The secret ingredient.  The one secret that will cause your muscle gains to explode and transform you into a rock solid, razor sharp paragon of human muscular achievement. And Larry Scott says that he’s got it and he’s gonna share it with you… How sweet is that? Well, maybe not the one […]

From Rotator Cuff Impingement To Leg Press Being a Great Leg Exercise


So let me ramble a bit here today as I talk about rotator cuff impingement then veer off to why Leg Press is not inferior to the Almighty Back Squat and why the Pats have nothing to fear this coming Fall 2012 season…and whatever pops into my mind – such as it is – as […]

A Unique Twist To Building Muscle

3 - Hands On Hips (1)

By Trey “3″ Armstrong, Guest Blogger Concentric overload training is probably the least known way to get strong and big at the same time. I personally love it because it allows me to train a muscle group multiple times per week while still being able to get stronger and bigger day in and day out. […]

Progress is Sweet…

My Two Beautiful Daughters

Last couple of days, I’ve come to appreciate some things that I had normally taken for granted. No – not my wife! The refrigerator! It went out over the weekend and we spent the last 4 days trying to get it fixed – or worst case, buy a new one. I gotta tell ya, that […]

Random thoughts and musings…Or How to Grill a Steak


Some random thoughts and musings about the state of fitness…or the state of my mind, such as it is… Or how to grill a great steak! Grilled some ‘dogs and steaks for the family yesterday (yesterday being Sunday) after church.  ‘Dogs were Hebrew National – always good!  And the steaks were Porterhouse cuts from Safeway. […]

A Gym Routine To Guarantee a Great Workout


It’s that time of year when just about anyone that wants to drop a pound or 2 of blubber will head for the gym.  Of course, some will opt for the pricey exercise gadget at your local Sports Authority or Sears.  Or some will go all ga-ga over the lean, sculpted Venuses and Adonises they […]

No Excuses…

No Excuses

Any excuse is a good excuse.  And my excuses for not having really done anything for the past couple of weeks have been my shoulder pains and lack of time.  Working retail during the holidays is basically working around the clock.  But that’s over now.  So one excuse out of the way. The second excuse […]

The Kick “Your You Know What” Workout That Cost Nothing…

Chair rows

What do you really need to get in a good workout?  Now if you work out at the nearest, swankest 24 Fitness; that ought to be an easy question.  Likewise, if you own that $1,000 Marcy Smith Cage Gym; again, that ought to be an easy question. What if you don’t own all that and only have […]

1 more rep…1 more pound…1 second less…


Hope you all had a great thanksgiving.  Gotta love that whole week.  Turkey day.  Football. Black Friday madness.  A zillion calories.  Abundance on parade.  I love it all. Couple of nights ago was my last leftover Turkey on wheat bread with gravy dinner with the remaining candied sweet potato.   Wow – didn’t think I’d actually […]