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I have stated a gazillion times that I am not a guru nor – wait for it – do I play one on TV (I love this saying).  The point being I am, in all reality, just a schmuck who knows a thing or two about weightlifing.  Long ago, in another life, I was actually quite strong and in decent shape.  Not so much now.

In the end, I just simply entered into a state of delusion that I was still looking good.  That was delusional.  As I looked squarely at my impending 49th birthday, it was clear I was badly out of shape.  My running 2 or 3 times a week on my 4 mile hill route only added to my false sense of physical conditioning.

I have since turned 49 and I have begun actively exercising and getting back to healthy living. 

So, what I share on this website is what I know from what I have done in the past and what I am doing now.  As I source information to help me, I in turn publish or post it here to share with you.

That’s what I do or am doing.

What I am not doing is devoting my entire life to muscle building or getting stronger.  With a full time, 50 hour a week job and 2 little ones under 6, I freely admit that I do not have the time nor inclination to do the research needed to be on the cutting edge.

Tom Venuto is a guru.  He has devoted his professional life to dieting, fitness, bodybuilding, and healthy living since 1989.  He is accredited with more organizations and associations than you can shake a stick at.  I state this because he has or is a source of tremendous, cutting edge information.  If I have the time and inclination, he is a guy I would emulate.

But I do not have the time. 

What I am going to do instead is list a few of the more popular Ebooks on the market.  As time (and money) allows, I will get some of the Ebooks and review them for you. I have reviewed one so far, but as I do more, I will add more.

This will be an evolving list. It may grow, it may shrink.  Where I review and find the information to be a duplicate what I have on my site, I will delete the EBook.

All these Ebooks cost money – your hard earned money – while my site is all free.  If some of these EBooks turn out to be just repackaged info that I have, in a prettier download, I will pull it. 

If you get an Ebook, and find this to be the case before I review it, just get a refund and do me the favor of letting me know (thanks in advance).

I will mention, though, back in the mid 70’s when I first started, I bought a ton of training pamphlets.

I bought every pamphlet and booklet put out by guys like Schwarzenegger, Colombo, Zane, Scott, and Mentzer and Weider, you name it.  I was working out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, and then 30 mins – 3 times a week using the pre-exhaust methods.  Scott’s program had me doing 4 to 6 exercise per bodypart.  5 Sets Each!  I was working out for 3 hours in my basement.  I was 14.  I was 120lbs, or something like that.  I was desperate. 

I remember sending my pictures and vitals to Larry Scott for a “personalized training and dieting program.”  Yeah, I know.

Still, the point I want to make is that I really had no other source of information.  There was no website like this one or so many others that tries pull all this stuff in for you. 

I turned to the experts of that time. 

And if you need to, turn to the experts of this time – no, not that guy at the gym!

Putting a Muscle Building Program Together…

Again, I think there probably is more than enough information just on this site alone for you to put your own program together.  After all, more true with bodybuilding than anything – one size does not fit all.  The diet, recovery, and exercise program must fit your needs, your body, and your lifestyle.

That said, there is also nothing wrong with following another’s success.  In the corporate world, we have a concept known as benchmarking, perhaps you know it.  There are two forms of benchmarking to my mind:

  • Emulating and duplicating the characteristics and behavior of successful organization not in the same industry.
  • Measuring one’s organization to the top leader in the industry as a guage for better performance.

I also get that sometimes you (a generic you) need the credibility of someone who has walked the talk.  Yes, you can see some of the progress I have made using my own routines and Bodylastics but I freely admit I am no Vince Del Monte nor a Tom Venuto nor a Jason Ferrugia.  These guys have earned their stripes.  So, by all means – check them out and see if what they have to offer fits your needs.  And then come back to me.

How well this applies to the task at hand here.  I will suggest some work out options.  Some will be mine, some will be not.  I will suggest some programs (I actual reviewed one, you can check it out here) that were referred to me and some that I found.  Regardless, do your homework; check it out; and decide what makes sense for you.

Muscle Building EBooks

No Nonsense Muscle Building, by Vince Del Monte – Reviewed

“Here Are The 5 DUMBEST Things You
Can Do If You Want To Build Muscle
(Without Getting Fat)
& Get The Eye-Popping Body Of Your Dreams…”

One thing you gotta give Vince – he was no genetic freak who grew 5 inches on his arms the first day by looking at the dumbbells.  He worked torturous rep after torturous rep to build his body.   You can check out my review here.  In short, it’s a good program.  You will make gains. 

Can you replicate his success?  Don’t know.  Don’t know you.  Get back to benchmarking.  Can you go it alone, or do you want to model someone else who has done what you want to do?  It’s up to you.  But he has a good program.  On the downside, it will set you back $77.

Optimum Anabolics

The Amazing Natural Biological “Trigger”
Hidden Deep In Your Body That Will Instantly
Transform You Into A “Walking Hormone Factory
Granting You Lean, Shredded Muscle,
Ripped Up Abs . . . And Toe-Curling…

I don’t know about the toe-curling part.  This is your basic, rated pg site here!  Jeff Anderson is a pretty cerebral guy.  Have not looked at his program but based on his reputation, background, and some of his other stuff I have seen, this looks interesting.  The cost is $47 and you get his entire program instantly.  Look at and decide for yourself – although, he does put it out there with a 60 day money back guarantee.

In addition to his “toe-curling…” programs to build mass, Jeff is the only one I am aware that actually has  specific program designed for kids.    The cost is $27 but well worth checking if you have a child going through weight challenges

Raising Fit Kids – Complete Weight Loss (and Gain) Program for Children.

7 – Minute Muscle

“Jon Benson has outdone himself…”

As both a trainer and a bodybuilder, I am always looking for new ways to pack on as much muscle as possible. I thought I found everything that could have ever been written about building muscle (I have bodybuilding books dating back to the 1930’s) but Jon Benson has outdone himself with 7 Minute Muscle.

I’ve written for the top fitness magazines in the country including Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness and T-nation but have yet to come across a program as efficient and effective as 7 Minute Muscle. I love bodybuilding but I hate spending all day in the gym so I needed something to give me the pump I was looking for. My arms felt like they were going to pop from the intense pump that I had after the very first 7 Minute Muscle workout.  Jon, you really need to raise the price on this, it’s that good!

Very popular program with a solid reputation.  A lot of good things written about Jon Benson.  Have not personally looked at it, but his program does seem intriguing.  Cost is $77 and the download is again instant.  Includes bonus video instruction.  Interesting.

Muscle Gaining Secrets

Without knowing you personally, I can guarantee, without hesitation that…

The Way You Are Training Right Now Is Robbing Your
 Body of 90% of the Muscle Gains You Should be Making

Jason Ferruggia is a highly sought after, world renowned strength & conditioning specialist and muscle building expert. Over the last 15 years he has personally trained more than 700 athletes from over 90 different NCAA, NFL, NHL and MLB organizations. He has also worked extensively with firefighters, police officers, military personnel, Hollywood stars and entertainers. Most importantly, Jason has helped over 53,000 skinny guys and hard gainers in 126 different countries build muscle and gain weight faster than they every thought possible. 

Jason’s program is $77 (that 77 bucks seems to be the going rate for most of these Ebooks…) for which you get the master program plus 7 bonuses.  I will say this, Jason has a solid reputation for being a real guru, and tons of testimonials.

You can take a look at

Final Note

Will any of these programs work for you?  Would you be better of putting together your own program?  Regardless of how you choose to go about it, do decide and go for it.  There are many roads to where you want to get to, but you do have to start down one of those roads.  But for more info on what exercises to do and how they affect the intended body parts, check the pumping iron tab or click here. 

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